Our Curriculum

At St Gregory’s, we abide by three fundamental principles that we believe should underpin teaching and learning for all our children:

  1. To nurture and challenge each child’s intellectual and imaginative capacities, ensuring there is a legitimate progression of learning from day one in the Early Years until the final day in Year 6 so that they are able to know more, remember more and do more.
  2. To care, guide and support each child with humanity and sensitivity and teaching them with genuine respect, enlightened discipline and imaginative flair.
  3. To maximise their potential for later schooling, post school education, training and employment and for the quality of life itself so that they can contribute to and enjoy the fruits of living within a fair, just, tolerant, honourable, knowledgeable, prosperous and happy society.

Our children are unique and amazing individuals. We say they are ‘made in the image and likeness of God’ and our rich and motivational curriculum starts with them. We intend to prepare them for life by developing within them values of curiosity, bravery, determination, responsibility, flexibility of thought and respect for the opinions and beliefs of others.

Our curriculum will inspire, enthuse and educate our children so they build knowledge and skills that will help them prepare for life in modern Britain and beyond.

Teachers have high aspirations for all children to achieve, regardless of differences in ability, social background, culture, race, gender or disability and this is reflected in fun, engaging learning experiences and our extra school life. All elements of the National Curriculum are built sequentially and cumulatively for our children in their time at St Gregory’s.

The content of the curriculum encourages them to follow their own interests and to enthuse and inspire them to be inquisitive learners with real life skills that enable them to move into the world with a passion for life-long learning.

The school promotes musical, sporting and artistic opportunities together with academic achievement so that all children leave St Gregory’s having found success and confidence in their own well-being, social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs.

For a summary of what we're teaching in each half term during this academic year, please see attached our School Curriculum Map.

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