Love Music Trust

Our music lessons will take place every Tuesday afternoon with our tutor, Mrs Howard.

We will be arranging performances during the year - so we will keep you posted!


Each child has been allocated an instrument for our music lessons this year.  This will either be a clarinet or a saxophone.  Parents are requested to complete a 'Loan Agreement' form as the instruments are valuable and must be looked after carefully.

As all the instruments are in very similar black cases please could you provide a recognisable keyring, ribbon or luggage tag with your child's name on for easy identification.

Please note, as per the loan agreement, that you are responsible for the 'consumables' of the instrument.  For clarinets and saxophones this refers to the mouthpiece reeds.  They can be purchased from good music shops such as Margin Music in Macclesfield or online - here are some suggested links from Amazon:

Here are some useful links for help on safely and carefully putting your instrument together.

If any parent has any queries about the arrangements or the loan agreement please don't hesitate to ask.

St Gregory's Catholic Primary School, Albert Rd, Bollington, Macclesfield SK10 5HS