To teach the children the skills of early reading and spelling, we deliver systematic phonics lessons everyday which follow the format:

  • Introduction - share the learning intention
  • Revisit and review previously learned letters as both recognition for reading and recall for spelling
  • Teach a new letter - teach its name, its sound and how to write (form) that letter for handwiritng
  • Teach how to blend and segment with the new and previously learned letters
  • Teach 'tricky words' that can't be 'sounded out' such as: the, to, I, no, go etc.
  • Practise reading and spelling words with the new letter
  • Apply what we've learnt by reading and writing captions and sentences

Children are also given a number of opportunities to apply their phonic skills through other reading and spelling activities across the curriculum and during independent discovery sessions.

Throughout the school year we provide a workshop for parents, so that they can find out how we teach phonics and how they can support their child.

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